Compensation + Benefits

UCR’s academic graduate students work part-time and typically receive total annual funding packages that average more than $38,000 annually or $12,868 quarterly. This includes nearly $22,000 in salary plus reimbursements for tuition and fees, health insurance premiums, and child care subsidies. 

The collective bargaining agreement between UC and the UAW covering graduate student employees, which is in effect through June 2022, includes a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) equivalent to other UC workers and provides various additional benefits. Highlights of the agreement include:

  • 100 percent reimbursement of tuition (approximately $13,000 depending on the campus)
  • 100 percent reimbursement of health insurance premiums (approximately $3,000 – $5,000 depending on campus)
  • Annual wage increases of 3 percent over four years (a total wage increase of 12 percent)
  • A child care subsidy of $3,300 per year (to be used at a facility of the employee’s choosing)
  • $300 annually for campus fee remission, to offset any additional fees

You may read the full UC-UAW contract .

Total Value of TA Compensation (Quarterly)



Tuition and Fees


Health Insurance


Child Care Subsidy




Labor Relations Information

UCR ASE Employment Contract

All students in teaching titles are unionized at the University of California and referred to as ASEs or Academic Student Employees. That includes TAs, Associate Ins, Teaching Fellows, Readers, and Tutors. For further information on the union and labor relations you should visit: